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PDAIS or Professor Dave’s Ark in Space is a podcast that has been broadcasting since March 2010. Over the years the show has grown and shrunk as co-hosts have come and gone but the one constant has been the pairing of Dave and Elizabeth. Now in its third incarnation PDAIS has returned to its roots as two people sitting at the kitchen table and talking about films, television, music and books that they like or pity occasionally joined by friends. 

You can follow the show by clicking the Follow button on the left hand side of the page to receive notification of updates. We also hope that you participate by leaving comments on the page and would welcome comments and suggestions about the website at profdais@hotmail.com.

We hope that you enjoy the show and the website and want to thank you for stopping by.

The photo at the top of the page was taken Christmas 2013 and shows (from left to right) Dave, Elizabeth, Thomas and Dean


It’s Sunday afternoon here at PDAIS headquarters (aka our apartment). We’re both sitting at opposite ends of our dining room table facing each other and both working on our laptops. Dave’s hard at work doing the final edit of our next podcast. There’s a pile of student papers to be graded in the middle of the table that I’m actively ignoring in favor of website design.


3 comments on “About Us

  • The last time I heard your podcast you were leaving for America. It vanished from my list and I thought you had stopped. Googled Professor Dave’s Ark in space because Staggering Stories had just come to the end of their “Sleeping in Light” review and for some unknown reason wanted to hear your yodelling opening titles. I’m delighted to find you still out there. Having no Flashing Blade nor the chaps in the camper van I’d lost 3 of my favourite diversions when ironing and man cannot iron by Staggering
    Stories alone.
    Great to have you back even if you never went anywhere.

    Andrew Scott (no not that one)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Andrew! Great to have you back on board. Dave’s been over in America 3 years now, and they’ve been good years for us. Though our podcasts have been sporadic, we can keep you company through much ironing to come. 🙂


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